SBC 5 My Dream!?

In school, I thoroughly enjoy science, math and technology. Moreover, I have this weird hobby of dismantling old electronic devices to see their circuits. Combining all these factors, I knew I wanted to be a type of engineer. An engineer that had a high salary as well being surrounded with futuristic technology. The closest job I found that met these requirements was Nano-system Engineering. This job seems awesome to do though; it is extremely hard to acquire the degrees necessary for it.

This job includes a mild amount of traveling as well a lot working indoors. As for me, I like an equal amount of both to be satisfied. Nano-system Engineering also has multiple different fields in which you can find your interest. In general, it is a versatile and new field of science in which I would love to soon take part in.

4 thoughts on “SBC 5 My Dream!?

  1. G’day Christian,
    I have never heard of a job like that. DO you have some websites I could go to to find out more? Perhaps you could link some of the words in your post to websites I could visit.

    1. Hello Ms. W,
      If you are still interested, I have added some links to my blog post that could help you know more about the job.

    1. Hey Ines,
      To answer your question, yes. Since there are multiple fields in this job, there are many experts to look at. I haven’t really done much research into specific experts but I know a couple of names. Thank you for the well thought out question.
      On your SBC 5 blog post, you said you had made a lot of friends through volleyball. Are there any other sport you plan on doing this year? and do you think they will ever get close to how much fun you had in volleyball?
      Truly, Christian

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