In my research for my next genius hour presentation, I used twitter as one of my sources of info. Thus, I recruited researcher who had in their bio that they went to a university and took classes in psychology. I based this partly also on the different tags they had in their bio. I also took people in which indicated active twitter use as well as others who had a “Dr.” prefix. This list of researchers was composed of 10 experts

The new genius hour project I engaged in involves managing emotions by acting on the human psyche. All of these people who I have tried to receive information from, all have a relation with psychology. As we know, psychology deals with the human psyche; so I used people who had ties with psychology. The information I asked them for was usually directed to: the effects of strong emotions on the body and mind. and on how well we generally dealt with them. However, there was also questions ranging in the department of; which physical or mental aspects can effect how we deal with strong emotions.

How I went about getting that information was asking each one of the these 10 experts a different question that would provide me with different pieces of information. I would start of by giving myself a short introduction and then proceed to ask their opinion on a question of interest. This data will partially help me in my presentation. That is because, part of the material I was given to work with somewhat went against my research question. However, I think it would prove to be an interesting counter point to use in my presentation.

The results I received from these multiple questions were much under the average. One out of the 10 people I’ve contacted were able to give a serious and well thought out response to my question. Moreover, 1 out these 10 researchers followed me back as well as another active expert. The expert Dr. Andrew Bateman (AKA @ozcboss) was the only one who provided a response followed with additional help. He also included another expert named Linda Anne Atterton (AKA @braincurve) who gave a more in depth analysis to my question. The three of us had a small front and back conversations discussing new ideas.

In the future, this could be useful in research papers. I would be able to get reliable information from professors and experts of the domain I would research in. It can also help all the while build a relationship of constant exchange in info.

Genius Hour Project Reflection

     Genius hour is a period of time in which a student takes one hour out of a class once in a while and does something of his or hers interest. My interest revolved around what was Nano-tech engineering and it’s benefits to mankind. I chose such a topic because my main career interest for now is being a Nano-tech engineer. So, I chose to learn more about it’s benefits to us humans. The research question I used was “How does Nanotechnology benefit our humanity”?

     The first day of research revolved around gathering main domains in which Nanotechnology really took it’s toll. On that day I gathered about two relevant websites that gave me extremely detailed information about a multiple areas in which Nano-tech was exceeding in. Thus one hour was a lot, I started to dig in what their uses were and cut down the list into the ones which I thought deserved more attention.


  • Viruses
  • Cancers


  • Programming
  • AI

After acquiring general knowledge in the domains, I dived deeper in the subjects and took a lot of time trying to understand the information. There was an avalanche of new terms I was a stranger too. So, almost all of the next period I received was spent trying to make sense of the articles I had and recording it as understandable notes. The other days included in of generally the same routines followed with slowly creating my presentation.

From all my research, I learned about Microbivores who are extremely small robots injected into the blood stream. These robots: detect, prevent and destroy viruses 80 times more effectively than the average antibiotic. In the domain of improving medicine, I also learned about cyberplasm. Cyberplasm is yet another liquid that is injected in the blood stream. This liquid is filled with nano robots that travel throughout your body and communicate with your brain with electrical signals about disease to come. However, it also has and addition to being able to create artificial muscles to replace lost ones.

In my research, in the domain of technology I found about quantum dots. This is something out today but still being improved upon. Quantum dots is technology and drastically improve the visuals you receive from the piece of technology. Moreover, there is naturally going to be the topic of compressing data. Nano-tech is what science is mostly working with to be able to utilize larger amounts of data all the while using less space. Last but not least, there is AI. AI which stands for Artificial Intelligence working along with Nano-tech to create near human level intelligence. Cool or scary?

I chose a power point format and utilized 4 slides. The first introducing my subject and me. Thus following with a slide depicting what Nanotechnology really is since I had trouble with it myself. Then I followed with two slides; one for tech and the other for medicine. Finally ending with a works cited.

As a student, I would say that it did help me. A student is supposed to be growing and learning to be an active and productive member of society. This helps me because it is in my general interest and it teaches me about why this job is important but also teaches me to find reliable information about a topic I am somewhat oblivious too.

I would not say the what I’ve done helped the community in a great way but, I would say it did do something. It spread knowledge about what would possibly be more present in the future, as well as sparking others interests. If you are interested, click here to check out my presentation. The presentation as a whole seemed interesting for most of the class and I was particularly pleased by it as well.

My next project will revolve around the human psyche and emotions. I think this project will strongly benefit the community I’m in. To be able to more thoroughly understand human emotions and what triggers them. Also to probably able to control your own emotions with a bit more ease.

Works Cited

Quantum dot TV

human-like robot 

Lab Work

SBC 5 My Dream!?

In school, I thoroughly enjoy science, math and technology. Moreover, I have this weird hobby of dismantling old electronic devices to see their circuits. Combining all these factors, I knew I wanted to be a type of engineer. An engineer that had a high salary as well being surrounded with futuristic technology. The closest job I found that met these requirements was Nano-system Engineering. This job seems awesome to do though; it is extremely hard to acquire the degrees necessary for it.

This job includes a mild amount of traveling as well a lot working indoors. As for me, I like an equal amount of both to be satisfied. Nano-system Engineering also has multiple different fields in which you can find your interest. In general, it is a versatile and new field of science in which I would love to soon take part in.

SBC 3 A Flight Throughout the Night

Dusk was upon us and we were beginning the long  journey that was going to be our flight. I couldn’t bear the wait of going back to the US again. After take off, my family did what any other would. They all took out a type of electronic device and entered their own worlds. Within minutes of being on our course, the cold blanket of the night laid itself on the world. During the night, I either: listen to music, played games, or did both. The night was sound and the break of dawn was slowly creeping. Just as I thought it was going to be another restful day; the plane’s turbulence levels skyrocketed through the roofs.

How I keep up and learn

I am a kinetic learner though I am also a visual learner. I am mostly adopting different positions while I’m listening to things. From time to time or most of the time, I have something in my hand and move it around. For me to understand better I also need examples. When I see how things are done I can replicate the action and learn how to do it. Seeing things is a great way for me to learn. Though sometimes I understand lectures better when I’m not looking at the speaker because focusing on one point for a long period of time tires me.



My Tech 8 Expectations

In technology class I expect to learn a lot about how to blog.Every class is a well planned and follows a specific itinerary. Every class I expect electronic work, puns and active learning. Last year is what I’m basing off my expectations. I’m extremely excited for the last unit on creating electric cars. Of course they are not life size though. This unit will be more “hands on” and that’s how I like it. We are probably going to be in groups and challenged to think a different way. I believe that Tech 8 will be exhilarating.