SBC 3 A Flight Throughout the Night

Dusk was upon us and we were beginning the long  journey that was going to be our flight. I couldn’t bear the wait of going back to the US again. After take off, my family did what any other would. They all took out a type of electronic device and entered their own worlds. Within minutes of being on our course, the cold blanket of the night laid itself on the world. During the night, I either: listen to music, played games, or did both. The night was sound and the break of dawn was slowly creeping. Just as I thought it was going to be another restful day; the plane’s turbulence levels skyrocketed through the roofs.

5 thoughts on “SBC 3 A Flight Throughout the Night

  1. When I woke up, it was 6:43 am. Apparently, we still have 4 hours left on the flight. I looked over at my brother’s sleeping figure. I wonder how he doesn’t drool or snore in his sleep. He never has messy hair too. I guess it explains why he is the captain of the football team. He has the looks and the skills. I peeled myself off the sit and made my way to the bathroom…

  2. As the pilots were announcing that we were hitting turbulence. Everyone was screaming and it was complete chaos. I tried to stay calm but I was too worried. “What if we crash?” I thought. “Will I die today?” I fainted into my chair and everything went black. I woke up to the sound of the plane landing, safely. I still remember that day and now I know how lucky I am.

    Dear Christian,

    I loved your beginning of your short story. The cliffhanger was hard to work with but it all worked out in the end.

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    1. Hey Jayden,
      I love your comment/ ending of the story. It has a dramatic change from tension, to all of it being relived at one part.
      Do you like reading any specific type of books?
      I choose to write the beginning of my story like that because I love books with suspense.

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